Project Himalaya

Engaging the Ethnic Minority (EM) community is an operational priority of the Force. Yuen Long Police District strives for the integration of ethnic minority into the community. Due to different culture and limited Chinese proficiency, ethnic minority youngsters encounter difficulties in integrating into the local community. They lack of self-esteem, positive living values and crime prevention awareness. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of ethnic minority in the community; therefore, employing more ethnic minority police officers would further strengthen the Force policing on them. In this regard, Yuen Long Police District had launched ‘Project HIMALAYA’ since 2013 in order to enhance ethnic minority integration into the community and ethnic minority youngsters’ interest to join HKP.
Project Himalaya

  • This project targets on local ethnic minority youngsters and tailor-made a series of activities aiming at

    • ● elevating their Chinese competency;
    • ● arousing their interest to join HKP; and
    • ● enhancing mutual understanding of cultural differences.
  • Mentorship Program

    • This program is tailor-made to EM youngsters who have interests and already acquired basic police entry requirements. In order to build up self-confidence, discipline and get a better understanding of police work, Yuen Long Police volunteers assist in the implementation of the program via recruitment talks, ice-breaking games, group discussions, practical incident handling exercises, experience sharing with EM police officers;
  • Chinese Tutorial Class

    • This program is welcomed for both primary and secondary EM youngsters. In order to elevate the Chinese competency, a Chinese native university graduate is invited to teach Chinese to Himalaya mentees. A two-hour class runs once every week after school at Yuen Long Police Station with assistance of policemen or university students' volunteers;
  • Diversified Activities

    • In order to enhance interests and understanding on police work, Himalaya mentees are arranged to visit different police formation, such as Traffic, PTU, Marine, Auxiliary Headquarters, Dog Unit, Police College and District Formation, etc.. Moreover, different kinds of interest classes would be organized periodically for EM youngsters.

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