AMS Cadet Corps

AMS Cadet Corps will teach medical and health knowledge and skill for cadets so as to help them build up a good character and become future pillars of society.
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The courses, includes:


  • (i) Induction course: AMS orders, first aid, footdrill, discipline, basic etiquette etc.

  • (ii) Regular training: AMS orders, skills for disaster medical assistant, footdrill, discipline, basic etiquette, civic education etc.

  • (iii) Advanced training courses:

    • ● Physical fitness activities (footdrill and cycling training);
    • ● Public health / infection control;
    • ● Health education / health promotion;
    • ● Basic nursing care;
    • ● Understanding of psychosocial first-aid/psychosocial health;
    • ● Site observation at accidental and emergency rooms / hospitals / other medical units;
    • ● Personal development programmes (such as delivering public speeches and conducting talks on drug abuse and health at school); and
    • ● Others: lifesaving, canoeing, orienteering, camp craft, dragon boating, leadership skills training and The Hong Kong Award for Young People etc.


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