Junior Police Call

Since its launch in 1974, the objective of Junior Police Call (JPC) is to boost the individual’s sense of responsibility, self-confidence and commitment to society and makes every attempt to bring home the ‘fight crime’ message to people through a range of diverse, healthy activities for its members. Through participation in a series of thematic activities focused on anti drugs and anti crime measures, as well as programmes highlighting social services, skills training, environmental protection, culture and art, sports and recreation, etc, members of the Junior Police Call have come to develop their own values and build up a positive outlook for themselves; a foundation which encourages them to stay away from crime.
Youth Program Photo 2
Youth Program Photo 3

  • JPC will continue to represent the type of enterprise geared to teaching our young people to stay away from crime and adopt positive values for themselves. JPC strives to meet the challenges of introducing activities which will provide the vision necessary for our youth to develop themselves as our “future leaders and police fight-crime partners”. JPC has organized several major events each year, such as HKAYP Award, Junior Police Call Leader Corps Parade, Junior Police call Fight Crime Summer Camp and Mainland/Overseas Cultural Exchange Programme, etc.




2828 7532 / jpc@police.gov.hk