Leadership Institute on Narcotics

To encourage young people to assist peers in overcoming the difficulties they face in their development and to resist temptation of drugs, the Narcotics Bureau (NB) of the Hong Kong Police Force founded the “Leadership Institute on Narcotics” (L.I.O.N.) in 2021 with the support of various sectors of the community and recruited 100 secondary and university students over the territory as mentees each year. Through providing systematic training by expertise from different professions and offering guidance on design and implementation of anti-drug activities by mentors, L.I.O.N. fostered mentees’ sense of social responsibility and nurtured them into outstanding young anti-drug leaders.

  • L.I.O.N. aims to serve as an effective platform to gather different parties from various sectors. It is hoped that through their joint effort in different roles, we can publicize anti-drug message in a more innovative and welcoming approach among the younger generation and the public community in various ways.

  • L.I.O.N. aspires to nurture energetic young leaders with moral responsibilities and civic awareness to promote drug-free culture in schools and society. It is hoped that the programme can benefit more local young people, helping them broaden their peers’ horizons and cultivate positive values, and allowing them to learn to appreciate and care about others and contribute to the well-being of the community in various ways.

  • L.I.O.N. will organise a Mainland field trip every year aiming to enhance mentees’ understanding on the national anti-drug strategies and high-tech industries in the Mainland. An overseas trip will also be offered to top performing mentees.

  • Recruitment Details:

    • L.I.O.N. will recruit 80 Form 4 students from 20 secondary schools and 20 full-time local university students to join as mentees during September 1st and October 31st each year. L.I.O.N. will invite qualified applicants for an interview in November, and the results will be announced in December. For details, please visit the official website at https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/04_crime_matters/drug/lion.html .
  • Highlights of the Programme:

    • Drug Knowledge Workshop—NB officers, university professors, a lawyer specializing in criminal law, an experienced social worker and an ex-drug abuser who succeeded in rehabilitating will explain the harmful effects of drug abuse and drug-related offences to alarm the mentees that they should stay away from drugs. The mentees will also learn about thin layer chromatography for identifying drugs and experience the smells of stimulated drugs in the university laboratory. The workshop helps clarifying the mentees’ misunderstanding about drugs.
    • Leadership Workshop—L.I.O.N. will hold a series of leadership, creativity, presentation and communication skills workshops for the mentees. Professional trainers are invited to boost the mentees’ capabilities in event planning, skills in team management, and promotion techniques through innovative means to inspire their creativity and promote their personal development so that they could plan and promote their own anti-drugs publicity programmes in the future.
    • Leadership Training Camp—Mentees will participate in a series of outdoor trainings to strengthen their team spirit as well as communication and problem-solving skills. This helped to enhance their leadership skills and execution power in planning their own anti-drugs publicity programmes.
    • Anti-drug Campaign in school campus—Each year, between September and November, mentees of L.I.O.N. will organise a series of creative anti-drug campaigns in 20 respective secondary schools where they disseminate anti-drug messages through their peer power and instill a drug-free culture onto campuses.
    • Anti-drug Exhibition—Mentees will make use of their knowledge in art and technology to set up 20 exhibition booths, where they adopt a more approachable and innovative way to promote anti-drug messages to the public and youths.
    • Mainland Field Trip—Mentees will join a field trip to the Mainland and exchange views with local youths on the anti-drug efforts in both places and explore possible future collaboration, aiming to enhance their understanding on the national anti-drug strategies. They will also visit high-tech enterprises and the surrounding attractions to learn more about the country’s technological development and gain first-hand experience of the national culture.
    • Overseas Exchange Trip and Scholarships—Outstanding mentees will be awarded the gold, silver, bronze and merit awards as well as a scholarship up to HKD$5000. Ten top performing mentees will also be selected to represent L.I.O.N. to go on an overseas exchange trip to share their anti-drug experience with stakeholders from the local community for promoting a drug-free culture.