Nuclear Safety - You Can Play a Part

This section provides information about nuclear safety and the Government’s preparedness for nuclear emergencies. By serving as a useful centre of information and resources, it could help promote a better understanding in radiation protection and the effective handling of any related risk.

The Guangdong Nuclear Power Station (GNPS) and the Lingao Nuclear Power Station (LNPS) are located at Daya Bay, Guangdong about 50 kilomters northeast of the urban areas of Hong Kong. The two power stations have adopted a successful French pressurized water reactor (PWR) design and are operated strictly in accordance with international safety standards. The risk of any serious nuclear accident is extremely small.

In the unlikely event of a nuclear incident at Daya Bay as well as other nuclear facilities, this section will also be used for posting important emergency response information for members of the public.

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Nuclear Safety – You Can Play a Part