Law and Order

Law and order situation in Hong Kong in 2022


The overall number of crimes reported in 2022 was 70 048 cases, representing an increase of 5 620 cases or 8.7%.  The overall detection rate was 35.2%.  The overall crimes registered an increase, which was mainly attributed to the rise of over 8 000 deception cases.


There were 8 830 cases of violent crime, a drop of 757 cases or 7.9%. Substantial decreases were registered in a number of major crimes, including sexual offences, criminal intimidation, criminal damage, serious drug offences, theft from vehicle, etc.  The number of robbery and burglary cases was the lowest since records began in 1969. Cases of wounding and serious assault, arson, snatching and pickpocketing had also dropped to a record low since Hong Kong's return to the Motherland.


As regards safeguarding national security, the enactment and implementation of the National Security Law has restored order from chaos in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  Development of economy and people’s livelihood are also back on track. However, national security risks still exist and we cannot take it lightly.  We will keep a close watch on the law and order situation to prevent the resurgence of violence and domestic terrorism, and take resolute enforcement actions against any illegal acts.