Notification System of Nuclear Incident

Currently, there is no nuclear power station in Hong Kong. The Guangdong Nuclear Power Station (GNPS) and the Lingao Nuclear Power Station (LNPS) which are located at Daya Bay, Guangdong about 50 kilometers northeast of the urban areas of Hong Kong are the closest Nuclear Power Station to Hong Kong.  Apart from the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Stations, other nuclear stations are far away from Hong Kong (the nearest station is Taishan, which is about 130 km away), and the risk to Hong Kong is very low.

We will be alerted to a possible nuclear incident through the following means:

  • Notification by Guangdong (GD) authorities.
  • Notification by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) will receive nuclear incident information from IAEA.
  • Notification by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP). According to the Electricity Ordinance, CLP is obliged to notify the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of a loss or impending loss of electricity supply to Hong Kong from the GNPS (a power source outside Hong Kong), which may or may not be related to a nuclear accident.
  • Alert from environmental radiation monitoring system in air, food and other environmental samples which are carried out routinely by various government departments.