Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme

The Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme aims at training volunteers from various sectors of the community to become Fire Safety Ambassadors (FSA)s. They help the Department disseminate fire protection messages and promote fire safety awareness in the community.
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The courses, includes:


  • Participants are required to attend a 1½-day Fire Safety Ambassador Trainer course or a 1-day Fire Safety Ambassador course. During the course, they will attend fire safety seminars, inspect Fire Service Installations in buildings, visit fire stations and learn how to use fire extinguishers and fire hose reels.

  • The contents of the fire safety seminars include:

    • ● Introduction to the Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme
    • ● Organisation and duties of the Fire Services Department
    • ● Basic fire combustion theories
    • ● General causes of fire and precautionary measures
    • ● What to do in case of fire
    • ● Fire hazards and reporting procedures
    • ● Fire Service Installations and Equipment in buildings
    • ● Basic Knowledge on dangerous goods


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