Witness Protection Review Board (Police)

The Witness Protection Review Board was established under Section 14 of the Witness Protection Ordinance, Cap. 564, Laws of Hong Kong, which came into effect in November 2000.

Under Section 3 of the Ordinance, an approving authority shall establish and maintain a witness protection programme to arrange for or provide protection and other assistance for witnesses whose personal safety or well-being may be at risk as a result of being witnesses.

Under Section 13, a person who is aggrieved by a decision of the approving authority (a) not to include him; (b) to terminate his protection as a participant; or (c) not to establish a new identity for him as a participant in the witness protection programme may request in writing that the approving authority′s decision be reviewed by the Witness Protection Review Board.

The Witness Protection Review Board shall advise the approving authority and the person who requested the review of its decision to confirm or reverse the decision being reviewed. Where the approving authority′s decision is reversed, such decision shall be amended accordingly.

Enquiry:Police Headquarters, Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Telephone:2860 8156

Fax:2527 6687

E-mail address 9ceff9f3b1ffeef1dcecf3f0f5fff9b2fbf3eab2f4f7

Membership of the Tribunal

Chairman : Deputy Commissioner of Police
Secretary : Mr. Patrick LI

Two non-official members from the Panel of the Witness Protection Review Board

(Note: the chairman may appoint additional members, who may be public officers or not public officers to the board)

Membership of the Panel of the Witness Protection Review Board (Police)

Members :

The Honourable CHAN Hak-kan, S.B.S., J.P.

Dr. Terence CHAN Ho-wah

Dr. Eugene CHAN Kin-keung, S.B.S., J.P.

Miss Winky CHAN Wing-ki

Dr. CHAN Yee-shan

Ms. Yvonne CHAM Mun-yee

Ms. LU Hai, B.B.S., M.H., J.P.

Dr. Jimmy WONG Chi-ho, S.B.S., J.P.

Secretary : Mr. Patrick LI