Release under Supervision Board

Terms of Reference

Following the operation of the Prisoners (Release under Supervision) Ordinance (Cap. 325) on 1 July 1988, the Release under Supervision Board (the Board) was established to administer two early release schemes, namely the Release under Supervision Scheme and the Pre-release Employment Scheme. The Board serves as an advisory body, whose main functions are to consider applications for early release from eligible prisoners, conditions of supervision to be specified in the supervision orders and variation or cancellation of such conditions, applications for review of the decisions of the Chief Executive regarding refusal of applications, and revocation of supervision orders, and to make recommendations to the Chief Executive on these matters.

All recommendations made by the Board are submitted to the Secretary for Security for consideration, who may exercise the powers delegated to him by the Chief Executive under section 19(2) of the Ordinance to order early release of eligible prisoners, etc.