Release under Supervision Board

Applications for Review

     When an application for early release is refused, the applicant has the right to apply for a review of this decision in accordance with section 12(1) of the Prisoners (Release under Supervision) Ordinance, by writing to the Chief Executive through the Board within 14 days of receipt of the refusal notice. He may apply for only one review of this decision. The applicant has the right to make written representations to the Release under Supervision Board (the Board) again in connection with such application for review. In reviewing an application, the Board will thoroughly examine the prisoner’s case file once again and reconsider its previous decision. It will also consider carefully any new information provided by the prisoner in his letter of application for review and/or written representations and any new information made available to the Board. The Board will then submit its recommendation to the Secretary for Security who will make the final decision on the case. A prisoner may apply for early release again under section 6 of the Prisoners (Release under Supervision) Ordinance but the Board shall consider such application only one year after the date of the original refusal.