Inter-departmental counter-terrorism exercise to enhance awareness, co-ordination and response capabilities

In November 2015, the Security Bureau organised a government-wide counter-terrorism exercise, codenamed “Windgate”, which spanned a period of two weeks. The exercise aimed at testing the effectiveness of Hong Kong's counter-terrorism capabilities in dealing with terrorist activities, as well as enhancing the awareness, co-ordination and response capabilities of government departments.

The exercise involved a simulated terrorist plot by members of fictitious foreign extremists and self-radicalised local terrorists launching an attack in Hong Kong. Relevant departments of the Government set off a series of response actions in tracking down the members of the groups and unravelling the plot.

The Government will continue to work on enhancing the counter-terrorism awareness of our society to ensure swift and effective response to any emergencies which might threaten the lives and property of our public, especially in view of the fast-changing international and regional security landscapes.

Inter-departmental counter-terrorism exercise "Windgate"