Letter to Bloomberg (English only)

The Editor



Dear Editor,


We strongly oppose to your opinion piece "Hong Kong’s Bounties Won’t Help Its Image Makeover"(July 5), which suggests that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government should refrain from taking enforcement actions against persons allegedly committing serious criminal offences for the sake of the city’s image overseas.


The rule of law is the backbone of our society. Offenders shall be brought to justice, wherever they may be.


Endangering national security is a very serious offence. No country will watch with folded arms acts and activities that endanger national security. It is outrageous that wanted persons who have absconded overseas often allegedly continue to engage in acts and activities endangering national security. Some countries disregard the rule of law by trying to exonerate these people with different excuses, which is shameful and despicable.


Your article’s attempts to gloss over the severity of the traumatic “black-clad violence” in 2019 and to undermine the Hong Kong National Security Law, which helped to restore calm to our city, also smack of double standards.


Extraterritoriality is a common feature of national security laws in many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.


It is also a common practice of the Police and other law enforcement agencies to release information of fugitive offenders who have allegedly committed serious offences and are wanted, and appeal to members of the public to assist in bringing fugitive offenders to justice. This is also squarely in line with the international practice.


The HKSAR has a duty to make every effort to bring to justice people who have absconded overseas and allegedly committed offences under the law, including the National Security Law.


No one is above the law, and the Hong Kong Police Force will take all necessary measures in accordance with the law to bring the persons concerned to justice.


Yours faithfully,

Tang Ping-keung

Secretary for Security

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region