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Residents who intend to visit the country or are already there should exercise caution, attend to personal safety, avoid protests and large gatherings of people and monitor local announcement on the latest situation. Residents should avoid all travel to Gaza and nearby areas as well as areas along the border with Syria and Lebanon due to the volatile security situation. Non-essential travel to the West Bank area including Jerusalem should also be avoided due to the unpredictable security situation. Residents in Israel who need assistance may call the 24-hour hotline of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit (AHU) of the Immigration Department at (852)1868 or contact the Chinese Embassy in Israel at 24-hour consular protection hotline: (972) 528391282.

  • In mid-July 2018, intense conflicts between Israel and Gaza resulted in casualties.

  • In May 2018, violent clashes in Gaza intensified, resulting in serious casualties.

  • On 8 January 2017, a truck attack occurred in Jerusalem, resulting in casualties.

  • On 8 June 2016, gunshot attack occurred in an open-air complex in Tel Aviv, resulting in casualties.

  • On 18 April 2016, a bomb explosion occurred on a bus in south Jerusalem, resulting in injuries.

  • In early March 2016, violent attacks occurred in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, resulting in casualties.

  • Since early October 2015, ongoing violent attacks and clashes occurred in Jerusalem, resulting in casualties. The Israeli authorities ordered parts of east Jerusalem to be sealed off. Violent clashes also occurred in West Bank, Gaza and the southern city of Beersheva, where the authorities had imposed tighter security measures. Violent attacks and clashes continued in November 2015, resulting in casualties.

  • In late January 2015, a stabbing incident occurred on a bus in Tel Aviv, resulting in injuries.

  • On 18 November 2014, a violent attack occurred in a synagogue in West Jerusalem, resulting in casualties.

  • In mid November 2014, stabbing incidents occurred in Tel Aviv and the West Bank, resulting in casualties.

  • In early November 2014, clashes occurred in the vicinity of Temple Mount in Jerusalem, resulting in injuries.

    [ current OTA issued on 23 September 2014, 15:00 ]

Registration for Outbound Travel Information (ROTI)

Before departing Hong Kong, residents may register via ROTI their travel itineraries and contact details to receive updates on OTA and related information. The Immigration Department may contact and assist the registrants in an emergency.

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