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Residents intending to visit the country or are already there should monitor the situation, exercise caution, attend to personal safety and avoid protests and large gatherings of people. Residents should not travel to border areas with Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Residents who need assistance may call the 24-hour hotline of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit (AHU) of the Immigration Department at (852)1868 or contact the Chinese Embassy in India at consular protection hotline: (91) 11-26112343 and 9810597886. The local emergency phone number to contact police is 100.

  • Since 14 February 2019, there has been increased tension between India and Pakistan. Air traffic may be disrupted.

  • On 14 February 2019, an explosion occurred on a highway to Srinagar, resulting in serious casualties.

  • On 18 November 2018, a grenade attack occurred at a prayer hall in Amritsan, resulting in casualties.

  • In May 2018, dust storm hit various parts of India, resulting in serious casualties. Many houses collapsed in the affected area. Transportation and electricity supply were disrupted.

  • In early December 2015, heavy rainfall and severe flooding in the Tamil Nadu region in southern India, including capital Chennai, caused severe disruption to transportation and local services. The Chennai airport was once closed and some trains had been cancelled.

  • A tourist was abducted and raped in Digha in West Bengal State in November 2014.

  • On 1 May 2014, bombs exploded at Chennai Central railway station, resulted in casualties.

  • In late October 2013, multiple bomb explosions in Patna, state capital of Bihar in northern India, resulted in many casualties.

  • In late June 2013, an attack occurred on the outskirts of Srinagar, resulting in serious casualties.

  • In late February 2013, bomb attacks in the southern city of Hyderabad resulted in casualties.

  • In early August 2012, there were a number of explosions in Pune, western India.

  • In July 2012, violence clashes in the Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri districts of Assam resulted in casualties. Curfews have been imposed in various districts.

  • In early September 2011, an explosion in Delhi resulted in casualties.

  • In mid July 2011, explosions in Mumbai resulted in casualties.

  • In early May 2011, the Indian Government issued a nationwide security alert warning.

  • In early December 2010, an explosion in Varanasi resulted in casualties.

  • In early November 2010, attack incidents in Assam left some dead or injured.

  • Large scale anti-government demonstrations in Jammu and Kashmir resulted in casualties; visitors injured in a shooting incident in New Delhi in September 2010.

    [ current OTA issued on 20 September 2010, 10:45 ]

Registration for Outbound Travel Information (ROTI)

Before departing Hong Kong, residents may register via ROTI their travel itineraries and contact details to receive updates on OTA and related information. The Immigration Department may contact and assist the registrants in an emergency.

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