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South Sudan
  • In July 2016, armed clashes occurred in the capital city, Juba, resulting in serious casualties including U.N. peacekeeper.

  • Since early 2012, there have been military confrontations in border regions between South Sudan and Sudan. In mid December 2013, armed clashes occurred in the capital city, Juba, resulting in serious casualties.

  • South Sudan is not a popular destination for Hong Kong tour groups. Residents are urged to avoid all travel to the country and those already there should leave the country immediately. Those in South Sudan who need assistance may call the 24-hour hotline of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit (AHU) of the Immigration Department at (852)1868 or contact the Chinese Embassy in South Sudan at 211-912386015.

    (updated on 11 July 2016)

Registration for Outbound Travel Information (ROTI)

Before departing Hong Kong, residents may register via ROTI their travel itineraries and contact details to receive updates on OTA and related information. The Immigration Department may contact and assist the registrants in an emergency.

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