Torture Claims Appeal Board / Non-refoulement Claims Petition Office

  1. Terms of Reference

    The Torture Claims Appeal Board ("the Board") is an independent statutory body established under section 37ZQ of the Immigration Ordinance (Cap. 115) ("the Ordinance") on 3 December 2012. The Board hears and determines appeals made under section 37ZR and applications for revocation decisions under section 37ZM of the Ordinance. The powers and functions of the Board are governed by Part VIIC and Schedule 1A of the Ordinance.

  2. Membership

    The Board is comprised of the following Members appointed by the Chief Executive under section 2 of Schedule 1A of the Ordinance:

    Chairperson: Ms KWAN Ka-ching, Betty, B.B.S.
    Deputy Chairpersons: Ms CHAN Ling-ling, Tracy
    Mr LAM Kui-po, William
    Ms WONG Hing-chun
    Mr WONG Wing-fai, Wesley
    Ms YUEN Lai-wah, Mary
    Mr WYETH Allan James
    Members: Mr AU Selwyn Hason, See-hin
    Mr BALL Kevin Edward
    Mr BROCK Gregory Kenneth Stanley
    Mr BROWNE Kevin Anthony
    Mr CANDY Ian St Clair
    Mr CARAVELLA Tonino
    Mr CARNEY Christian Patrick
    Mr CHAN Hiu-fung, Nicholas, M.H.
    Ms CHAN Jo-ying, Bonnie
    Ms CHAN Man-wai, Vivien
    Mr CHAN Pik-kiu, Michael
    Ms CHAN So-han, Christine Barbara, B.B.S
    Mr CHAN Yiu-chuen, Patrick
    Mr CHEUNG Wai-tat, Ronald
    Mr CHOW Siu-hung
    Ms DIMITRIADIS Dione Ariadne
    Mrs DUTRA Suhad
    Mr FISHER Paul Stephen
    Mr FU Ka-min
    Mr GEISER Stephen John
    Mr GELEV Filip Metodiev
    Mr GLASS John Trevor
    Mr GLEN Jeremy
    Mr HENRY Bruce Trevor
    Mr HONG Ka-ho, Arthur
    Mr HUI Cheuk-lun, Lawrence
    Ms HUNT Lesley
    Mr JENKINS Michael Collier
    Mr JOLLIFFE James John
    Mr LAM Chin-ching
    Ms LAM King-sze, Cissy
    Ms LEE Eva
    Mrs LEE HO-SHING Helena Maria
    Mr LEUNG Wing-chung, Winston
    Mr LI Kwok-wai
    Mr LI Wai-chi
    Ms LIU Pui-yee
    Ms LO Dak-wai, Alexandra, J.P.
    Ms LO Jane Curzon, J.P.
    Mr LONGLEY Peter Kim MacDonald
    Mr LUCAS Donald Leslie
    Ms MA Cho-yuh, Judy
    Mr MA Hon-cheung, Andrew
    Ms MATHLIN Rosemary
    Mr McCALL Hugh Sutherland
    Mr MIERCZAK Henry Anthony
    Mr MOORE Adam Matthew
    Mrs MULING Sydelle
    Mr MUTTRIE Gerard Paul
    Dr PANG Kin-kee, S.B.S.
    Mr PETHES Joseph Anthony
    Ms PINTO Susan Marie
    Mr POON Ying-kwong, Frank, S.B.S.
    Mr POWER Peter John, B.B.S.
    Ms RANSOME Kay Elizabeth
    Mr RUSSELL Simon
    Mr RUTH Evan Gerald
    Mr SAKHRANI Sanjay Arjan
    Mr SIN Ming-hei
    Mr SIU Chak-yu, B.B.S., J.P.
    Mr SIU Choi-fat
    Mr SMOUT Stephen
    Mr STOKER Stuart Mitchell Imrie, B.B.S.
    Mr SYME Fraser
    Miss TAI Chiu-ki, Kennis
    Ms TAI Po-yuen, Corrina
    Mr TAM Kwok-wah
    Mr THWAITES Christopher Robert
    Miss TO Alice Kar Wing
    Mr TO Kwai-fung, Anthony, G.B.S
    Mr TONG Po-sun, Louis, S.B.S.
    Ms TOWNEY Gina
    Dr TSE Ka-sze, Hayson
    Mr TURNBULL Richard Grant
    Mr WAN Kah-ming
    Mr WHALEY Bernard William Kenneth
    Mr WINGFIELD Ian George McCurdy, G.B.S.
    Mr WONG Chi-wai
    Mr WONG Chun-kong
    Mr WONG Chun-nam, B.B.S., J.P.
    Mr WONG Wai-kuen
    Ms WYSOCKA Magdalena
    Mr YU Cheuk-man
    Mr YUEN Wai-ming, Anthony
    Mr YUNG Yiu-wing

  3. Unified Screening Mechanism ("USM") and the Transitional Arrangement

  4. Practice, Procedures and Forms for Appeals / Petitions under the USM

    (a) Principles, Procedures and the Practice Directions of the Torture Claims Appeal Board (sixth edition, 28 August 2019)

    (b) The Practice and Procedural Guide of the Administrative Non-refoulement Claims Petition Scheme (fifth edition, 28 August 2019)

    (c) Notice of Appeal / Petition (December 2018)

    (d) Notice of Application for Revocation of the Decision of the Torture Claims Appeal Board / Adjudicator

    (e) Work Arrangements under Inclement Weather Conditions (August 2019)

    (f) Hearing Arrangements under Inclement Weather Conditions (August 2019)

  5. Frequently Asked Questions (August 2019)

  6. Contact Us

    Address: Torture Claims Appeal Board /
    Non-refoulement Claims Petition Office,
    Rooms 3007-10, 30/F, Immigration Tower
    7 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Tel: 3106 3749
    Fax: 2110 4728
    Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Sat, Sun and
    Public Holidays

In view of the latest situation, the Torture Claims Appeal Board (“TCAB”)/Non-refoulement Claims Petition Office has resumed normal operation. Unless otherwise notified, hearings will be conducted as scheduled. Submission of notices of appeal/petition can be made by post, or in person at the office located at Rooms 3007-10, 30/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong as usual.

For enquiries, please contact us by the following:

TCAB Secretariat/
Non-refoulement Claims Petition Office