SGSIASecurity and Guarding Services Industry Authority

Trade Test

The trade test aims to ensure that people entering into the security industry have acquired the basic knowledge requirement for discharging their security duties, thus help enhance the quality of security service.  The Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority announced its recognition of the trade test for Categories A, B and/or C Security Personnel Permit (SPP) applicants conducted by the Vocational Training Council (VTC) on 28 March 2003.  With effect from 1 April 2003, an applicant who has sat and passed the VTC's trade test within 1 year before submitting his/her application for an SPP is regarded as having fulfilled the "Proficiency in Security Work" criterion for issuing an SPP. 

For information of the trade test, please visit the following website of VTC:

For enquiries, please call VTC at 2919 1468 or 2919 1478.


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