SGSIA Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority

Scheme for Quality Assured In-house Training (QAIHT Scheme)

The QAIHT Scheme aims to ensure that in-house training courses provided by security companies are properly run and the standard of training of these courses maintained. The Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority (the Authority) announced on 14 September 2004 its endorsement of the QAIHT Scheme as another scheme for quality assurance. A review of the Scheme was conducted in 2006 leading to the current Scheme which commenced on 1 September 2006.

With effect from 1 October 2004, an applicant for Category A, B and/or C Security Personnel Permit (SPP) who has sat and passed a course-end examination, within 1 year before submitting his/her application, of a QAIHT course is deemed to have met the criterion of "Proficiency in Security Work" for issuing an SPP. Unlike those who have successfully completed a course under the Quality Assurance System for Recognition Scheme, he will not be granted a five-year exemption for basic training if he joins another licensed company.

To meet the requirements of the QAIHT Scheme, a QAIHT course must be provided by a licensed security company authorized to provide Type I and/or II security work. That licensed company must have been previously inspected by the Security Companies Inspection Unit (SCIU) of the Hong Kong Police Force and found to have fully met the criteria to provide in-house training. Licensed companies that are not required to contract out their training will come under the QAIHT Scheme.

More information of the QAIHT Scheme can be found below:

The above information is also available at the Secretariat office of the Authority (Room 813, 8/F, Kowloon East Government Offices, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon). For enquiries, please call SCIU at 2860 5111 or the Authority at 2801 6181.


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