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Post-Release Supervision Board

Temporary Recall of Supervisee and Suspension of Supervision Order

If a supervisee has without lawful authority or reasonable excuse failed to comply with any term or condition of his supervision order or is likely to commit an arrestable offence, the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Post-Release Supervision Board (the Board) may issue a temporary recall order to recall the supervisee to prison temporarily under section 16 of the Post-Release Supervision of Prisoners Ordinance (the Ordinance). If the Commissioner of Correctional Services believes that there are grounds upon which the supervision order may be suspended under section 13 of the Ordinance and that he considers it to be in the public interest that a supervisee be detained in custody without delay, he may under section 17 of the Ordinance recall a supervisee to prison and detain him for a period not exceeding 72 hours pending the issue of a temporary recall order. Once the supervisee is apprehended, the Board must convene, within 14 days from the detention of the supervisee, to decide whether the supervision order of the supervisee should be suspended, and if so, for how long. However, the suspension period shall not exceed the unexpired term of the order.

The supervisee is provided with a copy of all relevant materials to be considered by the Board in his preferred language (either Chinese or English) no less than seven days before the Board meets to decide his case. He also has the right to submit written representations to the Board, attend a hearing of the Board to make oral representations and choose a person to assist him at the hearing.